Rates and Policies


Notes on Policy and Rate Changes:

Rates effective January 2018.

There are no discounted Day or Week rates.

There is no discount for advance booking of hours.

Full payment at the end of each session.
We do not hand off mixes or session files until we have been paid for the session.

We accept cash or checks.
Talk to us about Paypal 

My room can not accommodate more than 5 live players at a time

You are responsible for backup of your project using a hard drive that works with our system (Firewire or USB). We do not store or archive client projects.

We use Pro Tools 12.x (latest version) We do not guarantee that you will be able to open our sessions on other systems. The audio files are at standard WAV or AIF format and are usable on any modern system. Please make arrangement to convert the session to a usable format. This is charged at the full session rate.

Backup time is added to the studio time.
SO leave enough time at end of session for any Backups, CD copies etc.

Please check the Minimum Charges section regarding bookings

Studio Rates

Studio sessions: includes access to the studio and equipment and the engineer. Applies to recording and mixing

$40 per hour

Please contact us at info@catasonic.com or call 323-664-1404

On all of our sessions, we expect full payment at the end of each session.

We accept cash or checks

New clients pay 1/2 of scheduled time in advance to reserve their time.


We offer mastering for projects that are on a budget. For best results we recommend you go to a dedicated mastering facility. We can recommend one to you and we provide a limited amount of interface with that facility if you need it at no additional cost.

If we do the mastering: we charge a flat fee of $400

This includes a session with client where we check out project and agree on an approach

The actual mastering is unattended. This can take up to a full day

The client has up to two revision sessions where we address issues.

Upon approval, the client is sent the final mastered files. A backup is available if the client brings a hard drive. Otherwise the session is saved offline until the project is released. Upon release, the project is deleted.

Additional fees apply if you wish to have us interface with the disc manufacturer

Special Rates apply to Sound Editing, Tuning and noise removal and other specialized tasks

 Minimum Charges

all sessions require a minimum $100 Fee.

I set minimum charges for projects as a way to offset the amount of time I spend preparing for sessions.

 Sessions with one player, voice over etc.. (no Video), & edit or mix sessions have a minimum charge of $100.
This applies even if you are in fact doing a one hour (or less) session.

Sessions with band or multi instrument setup of two or more players including String Quartets and Drum Recording. (No video) will have a minimum charge of $240.

Video and Film Projects:

Any film or video project which requires set up of video for mixing or editing (no live players) has a minimum of $240

Any film or video project which requires set up of video with up to 5 live players has a minimum of $400.

Partial Hours

We do not count partial hours in our rates. If the session goes over by up to 1/2 hour you will not be charged for an extra hour. If it goes over by more than 1/2 hour you will be charged for the next hour.

Setup Policy

We will always be fully setup for your session at the start of the scheduled tracking time including set up and testing of mics, stands, headphones etc. at no additional charge.

Setup of Quicktime Clips, tempos, click tracks, Pro Tools sessions MIDI tracks and other parts of the setup that require media provided by you, will be charged at whatever the rate your normal session is set to, if the setup is done in advance of the actual session.

If you prefer to have this setup before the scheduled tracking time you must provide this media (Quicktime clips, reference audio, MIDI etc) at it’s own scheduled time ahead of the tracking session. Quite often there are issues with Quicktime clips and sync that need time to be solved, so please set aside enough time to safely assure you will be ready for tracking by the downbeat time you have set for your players. This usually means more than one hour before tracking time.

We recommend scheduling a setup session the day before the tracking session.

 Studio Hours of Operation

We are available in 4 hour blocks

Open 10am -11pm Tuesday-Saturday

Closed Sunday

A maximum of 8 hours a day is available in 4 hour chunks.

There is a 1 hour break between each 4 hour sessions.

 Location of Studio

When we have booked you we will send a link to our location.

 Cancellation/Late/ No Show Policy

All sessions be be charged in full from the scheduled start time unless cancelled 24 hours in advance. If we get a request by another client to use your booked time, and we contact you to confirm, and you do confirm, you are responsible for your full scheduled time even if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

Any late arrivals will be charged from the scheduled start time, unless you contact us in advance that you will be late.

 Studio Description

Please see our Gear page for the most up to Date info on our Gear.

Catasonic is a Pro Tools based studio. We have an Avid Pro ToolsHDX running on a MacPro using OSX 10.8.x.

All Software versions are kept at the current state as much as possible. However the stated versions here may have changed at any time

We can record at sample rates up to 192KHz and use 24 bit. We are compatible with all AIFF, WAV, SDII, mp3 files and can import and export OMF or AAF files from Avid, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Cubase etc.

We typically mix “in the box” and do not mix to tape or DAT.

Control Room dimensions: 15 feet x 16 feet with 7 foot ceiling

Tracking Room dimensions: 14 1/2 feet x 13 feet with 7 1/2 foot ceiling

 Storage and Backup

Client will always provide a drive for backup that must occur at the completion of the project.

We do not assume responsibility for long term storage of client projects.

We do backups to a second onsite drive for the duration of the project.

It is wise to start out the project by also backing up your sessions to your drive which you take with you. This should happen at the end of each session so you have the latest version of each session along with any rough mixes you may need and is added onto your billable session time.

If you have a firm stop time, be sure to figure into your booked time to do rough mixes potentially one hour per song-and a backup to your drive-potentially up to an hour for your complete session, although backups after the first tracking session will take less time.

All clients must provide their own storage media. Starting from the beginning of the session. If you are storing your files only, (as opposed to operating off your drive for sessions, then any media you chose may be used including USB Flash Stick, or USB Drives. IF you plan to use the drive to run sessions either at Catasonic or any other studio, you should have the fastest drive that is compatible with the operating system and software program you use. For our studio this means a 7200 rpm Firewire 800 drive with at least 500 gigs capacity and it must be formatted using the latest Mac Disk Utility. If you just bought the drive, I can do this formatting for you. You should never use third party formatting formats for Pro Tools sessions.

NOTE: Our system does not currently support USB 3.0 or thunderbolt

Please be advised that USB backups especially flash sticks take much longer times than Firewire and you will be charged for the full time it takes to backup the project to your media. For instance a flash backup can take 30 minutes for a 7 gig file whereas a firewire backup might take 5 minutes.

We are not responisble for your ability to open our session on any other system. If you want to be assured you can open the project on other systems, we can provide you with info on what the possible options for exporting our pro tools sessions to other formats are. And we will make every effort, if requested, to create exports that can be opened on a particular platform, however, It may cost considerable time to do such conversions. And since we do not control the other platform, we can not guarantee that the exports will work.

If you plan to operate your session on our Pro Tools system it must be copied to a 7200 rpm or better firewire external hard drives with a oxford 911 or better controller bridge chip. The requirements are constantly changing so please check with us as to what the current compatible formats are.

The best method for formatting a drive for use on a Mac based Pro Tools system is to use the Mac Disk Utility in OS X to format the drive. This should be done immediately upon purchasing the drive and will erase any content currently on that drive. So please backup your files before you do any reformatting of any drive. Do not use third party formatting utilities such as La Cie etc. and since most drives come pre formatted, you are wise to immediately erase the disk with the Mac Disk Utility to insure maximum compatibility with our Pro Tools system.

If you plan to open files on a Windows PC, you may need special software installed on that PC to open our Mac Formatted drives. Here is a link to a product that can open Mac Formatted drives on a PC called MacDrive


Although we backup to a second drive during the course of the project, We will remove our copies of your files from our system within 30 days of completion of the project.

We do not store backups of past projects and connot be expected to provide past projects to you if you should lose your own copies.

Clients are responsible for storing their own projects and must take the entire project with them at the end of a project. We do not provide storage services for any clients.

We highly recommend taking the current state of any session home with you at the end of each session.

We can also backup to DVD (4 + Gigs) or Blu-Ray (25 gig single layer) but will charge for the studio time it takes to backup up your data.You can then take that Optical safety backup with you at the end of the session.

I do not recommend at this time using Optical drives CDR, Blu Ray or DVDR as your only copy of a session since they can easily be corrupted and may not allow restores of projects after the fact.

The only way to test this is to copy the entire project back to a drive and open the files. This can take a considerable amount of time.

Instead I recommend having two regular hard drives with the project stored on each drive. then if one drive dies, you have the other drive to fall back on. Currently there is no 100% reliable backup system.

Most current computers can open DVDr discs, but many computers do not have Blu-Ray readers. If you made a Blu-Ray disc and needed to open it, you may have to come back to us or purchase a Blu-Ray reader. (they are fairly cheap and easy to install on most systems.)