Studio Clients 1998-2016

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Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering

ZKB, Radwaste, The Urinals, The Deadbeats, Christine Wertheim, Cello Pudding, Vetza, Gabie String, Ann Magnuson, Marnie Weber, Jigsaw Seen, Jasper Dickson, Ron Higgins, The Exxtras, Jack Brewer, 8 Bit, The Gentlemen, Porter Hansen, Jenny G, The Thrift Shop, Empire of Fun, Timur and The Dime Museum, Daniel Corral, Ritchie West, Dan Clucas, Eugene Chadbourne, Stephen Flinn, Jessica Catron, Moira Smiley, VOCO, Bernadette Colomine, Kristian Hoffman, Ann Magnuson, 5 Track, John Beezer, David Schafer, John Curry, John Norwood, Amanda Jo Williams, Nels Cline, Dept of Real Estate, Missincinatti, Joe Baiza, Alec Boehm, Eric Bonerz, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Lorenzo Buhne, Greg Burk, Celebration Station, Anny Celsi, Whitney Cline, Kerry Colonna, Chris D, John Dentino, Keith Joe Dick, Po Moguls, The Hickmen, Marc Doten, Chuck Dukowski, The Dwarves, Ellis Island, Dean Elzinga, Eagle & Talon, Stan Fairbanks, Freeway Planet, Jay Friedman, Go Betty Go, Gray Matter, Danny Hildalgo, Brian Hudson, The Human Hands, Patria Jacobs, Jim Duck & the Jimbonaires, Rob Kendt, Jacky Klimek, PsychoNova, Puttanesca, The Eastside Sinfonietta, Garretson & Gorodetsky, Hilary Koprowsik, Kyle Luck, Dennis Mehaffey, Tom Recchion, Brendan Mullen, the Deadbeats, Mary Mullen, Mike Nelson, Chris Osburn, Kedron Parker, Stephanie Payne, Anna Homler, Ear Diorama Ear,  Tom Peltier, Nolan Porter, Don Preston, Bob Remstein, Super Casanovas, Resistant, Saccharine Trust, DJ Sanchez, Nate Scoble, Hisao Shinagawa, The Skulls, Donita Sparks, Unknown Instructors, The Warlocks, Marnie Weber, Brian Woodbury, PJ Zappa, Nels Cline, Carla Bozulich, CRIB, Jeremy Drake, Emily Hay, Lynn Johnston, Amy Knoles, Karl Montevirgen, Zeena Parkins, Joe Potts, Steve Roden, Devin Sarno, Kris Tiner, Michael Vorfeld, Z’ev

Record labels

 Bananastan, Harte, Minky Records, Alive, Asphodel, Birdman, Bomp, Echograph Records, Hollywood Records, Mute Records, Slash Records, Smog Veil Records, Soleilmoon Recordings, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Warner Bros

Voice Over


Sound for Film and Video

Catasonic has extensive experience finding solutions to the age old problem, of how to get the job done on a limited budget. We have worked on many Indie, low budget features, shorts and documentaries We specialize in Score Mixes in Stereo and Surround. We work with your composer to get the best blend of live recorded music and sampler generated sounds.Music

Mixes for Film and Sound

If You Build It, Bee Like an Ant, Scrap Vessel, The Motherhood Archives, The Presence of Joseph Chaiken, True Adolescents, Countdown to Zero, The Wheeler Boys,  Barbershop Punk, The Swim Champion, Quinceañera, Little Miss Sunshine, Outrage, IOUSA, WordPlay,  I Pass for Human, American Gun, The Drifter, Heavy Lifting, dadaDum, EVE, The Root of the Tree, The Roomie,  Johanna Went ” The Club Years”, LA Freewaves “Videos on the Loose”, Dante’s Inferno

Sound For Art Clients 

Since opening in 1997, Catasonic has provided audio services for Museums and Visual artists who utilize audio – whether for an installation, a video soundtrack, an exhibition kiosk or podcast. Our clients include MOCA, The Getty, Cal Arts, LA Freewaves, SASSAS, Yiddishkayt, Community Arts Resources as well as such visual artists as Johanna WentDoug Aitken, Marnie Weber, Charlie White, Martin Kersels, Christopher Williams, Cindy Bernard, Euan McDonald, Renata Petropolous, Llyn Foulkes, George Stone, David Schafer, Eve Luckring, Hilja Keading and many others.