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Catasonic is owned and operated by
Mark Wheaton and Weba Garretson.

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Mark and Weba in Paris
Mark and Weba in Paris

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Catasonic was originally founded as a Record Company in 1995. We have released 8 projects since then. These are all projects by ourselves and friends. We do not sign artists. Go to our Catasonic Records Label page for more info.

In 1997 we built our studio and have operated primarily as a commercial project studio ever since.

Mark Wheaton Professional Info:

Mark Wheaton is a certified Pro Tools operator and has worked with Pro Tools since 1995. Wheaton worked in Opcode Vision and began using computer assisted audio and MIDI software in 1986.

Previously Wheaton has worked in professional studios in Seattle and Los Angeles producing music and film music projects since the mid 1970’s

Wheaton was a live sound engineer in the Seattle area from 1970 thru around 1979. And worked as a live sound mixer in the LA area throughout the 1980’s.

Wheaton is a member of NARAS and is an AES member.

In addition to working as a recording engineer and live sound mixer, Wheaton was Technologist for the Warner Media Group interactive CD-Rom company Inscape. Other computer technical jobs included work as part of the IT team at Team One Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi and Wheaton worked as a certified Avid Media Composer support tech at New Media Hollywood.

Mark Wheaton Resume

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Mark’s credits are listed at the All Music Guide and IMDB

References and Quotes from Colleagues and Clients

Devin Sarno, VP, Visual Media at Warner Bros. Records

“I have known Mark personally and professionally for well over a decade and have entrusted him to helm the engineering & mixing not only my own personal music projects, but also projects through my work at Warner Bros. Records (*one project in particular earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Long Form Music Video.) Mark truly stands out as being one of the most patient, creative and trustworthy individuals i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His love of music and respect of the artistic process in general is something that truly sets him apart from the pack. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough…it’s rare to come across someone that is equal parts competent, personable and abundantly creative.”

– April 16, 2009

David Javelosa, Performer/Recording Artist, Los Microwaves, Baby Buddha, David Microwave

“I’ve known Mark through a number of lifetimes. He was a well regarded recording artist at the time I was touring and recording for Poshboy Records. He was involved in the multimedia industry when I was audio director at Inscape. I am also most recently impressed with his work in the performance art field. He continues to offer a superb recording service of original quality. I recommend him as a producer and artist to anyone working in the industry.”

– February 10, 2009

Ellen November, Director of IT, Team One Advertising

“Mark is a solid technologist. His expertise stretches across many areas, from operating system to the finite details of sound systems. He is very creative and has an easy-going and fun demeanor. I always enjoyed working with Mark and he is someone I could always depend on. His customer service skills are top-notch. Mark will always go the extra mile to complete the job on a very high level.”

– April 14, 2009

Brian Speight, Senior Designer, Inscape

“I worked with Mark at Inscape and was very impressed with the order he was able to bring to our technology backbone without restricting the creative environment. He instituted automated backups for both servers and local machines and did so in the midst of an intense production schedule. He was always proactive about implementing helpful technologies but never tried to force a solution that would have hindered any of the design teams even if it had made his job easier. He is particularly knowledgeable about sound and recording equipment – not surprisingly since he built and runs his own recording studio! I think the thing that made him most effective is that he approached every technology problem not just as a solution provider but also with the perspective of a user.”

– April 14, 2009

Charles Payne, Game Designer, Writer, Producer, Editorial Consultant, Inscape

“Mark was responsible for setting up and maintaining our computer infrastructure. When I started working at Inscape, Mark was the number one person to go with any technology question. Setting up computers, troubleshooting, fixing problems that I inevitably caused–Mark handled it all, and pretty graciously, too. But most importantly–to me, from a strictly historical perspective–Mark introduced me to the Internet, which was not then what it has become now. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now if it weren’t for Mark. Also, Mark is a great guy, pretty important no matter why you’re consulting him.”

– April 15, 2009

Erik Loyer, Game Designer, Inscape

“Mark is a total professional and very attentive to the needs of the business, besides being a great guy to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

– April 18, 2009

A Gallery of the building of the studio 1996-1997